Shower Head

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Preserve your beauty by having a healthy, vibrant skin each time you shower!

This product doesn’t prolong the youthfulness of your upper skin, but it increases cell viability. It keeps your body healthy from inside out. Every single use of this product, you’ll surely obtain smoother skin, neutralized oil secretion, and revived damages cells. 

Give your skin with real water goodness with the help of these three ionic filter beads:

  • White Stone: It tones down negative ion and balances pH level of the water before touching your skin.
  • Red Stone: It removes water impurities and other chemicals added, such as chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and debris. Those things suppress the skin to breathe normally thus turning your unhealthy, radicals-prone skin into the vibrant and younger-looking skin.
  • Gray Stone: It transforms water molecules into small molecules for easy skin absorption. Perfect for the sensitive and delicate skin.

The Shower Experience increases water speed, pressure up to 200% beyond typical faucet pressure. Water from extremely small holes giving you a comfortable bath, eliminate the fatigue of a day’s work with laser pinhole water or soft and delicate, enjoy your showering experience!

The Shower Experience saves up to 30% water usage. You can now save more water while showering under normal water pressure. 


Note: Due to High Demand Promotional Items May Take Up to 2-3 Weeks For Delivery.
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