Selfie Light iPhone Case

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You can always take beautiful selfies and Facetime, even when there is not enough light!

With just one click the round button on you new case will offer you the bright light you need to capture great pictures. No place is too dark when the need to strike a pose calls!

Be ready to take your gorgeous photos anytime anywhere with this Selfie Light iPhone Case.

Put those excessively bright flashes at rest – they only highlight the wrong spots! This Selfie Light iPhone Case comes with two parallel rows of LED lights that will give your selfies the perfect lighting it deserves.

  • Take pictures in low light – whether it’s a selfie, groupfie, foodfie and so on, your instagrammable moments can happen anytime so get your phone ready to shoot from dusk till dawn!
  • Get your phone to rock that party – use it like a glow stick in concerts and parties!
  • Or use it as a flashlight too, in times of emergency!
  • It comes with a power button that you can press to turn on and off, and adjust lighting brightness – you can even opt for fast or slow strobing lights to hype up that party!

It’s super simple to use – one button is all you need!

    • Press once to turn On/Off
    • Press and hold to adjust brightness

Plus, this casing also provides your phone with impact resistant protection to keep them safe from accidental breaking and free of bumps and scratches. 


Note: Due to High Demand Promotional Items May Take Up to 2-3 Weeks For Delivery.
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