Professional Swimming Goggles

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Professional Swimming Goggles with earplugs nose clip
Professional Swimming Goggles

Protects the eyes from saltwater and chlorine when you swim in the sea or pool

Water in the swimming pool will be filled with chemicals to keep it sanitary and clean, every swimming pool will have chlorine, and this is used to create the traditional look and smell to your swimming pool. The chemical is combined with different pH levels, and therefore they are safe to swim but can provide an irritating feel to your eyes.

One of the best advantages of swimming goggles is that they help you in having clear eyesight even underwater, you will be able to open and close your eyes freely due to the watertight design, You can feel the different aspect of swimming if you wear the goggles if you are under the water.

Here are some important notes while using swimming goggles:

  • Please wash the goggle gently in clean water after use, shake off water-drops and then dry the goggle with a drier.
  • Please keep the goggle in a dry place, for a better and longer vapor-free life.
  • Don’t wipe the lenses with a towel, which may hurt the lenses.
  • Please keep the goggle away from the heat or hot water, which may deform the goggle.
  • Please allow only sight motions with your facial muscles while wearing the goggle, or the water may leak in.
  • Please adjust properly the nose bridge and the strap before getting into the water.
  • Please stop using the goggle if it causes discomfort to your eyes.
  • Please tear protective film inside and outside when using.




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