Power Blaster Nozzle

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If you are looking for a new spray nozzle for your garden, the Power Blaster Nozzle is the best option for you.

Leaky Plastic Nozzle spray everywhere except where you want it and power washers are bulky, heavy and a pain to set up!

Introducing Power Blaster Nozzle the first ever household sprayer with the power and precision of a real firemen’s nozzle!

Power Blaster Nozzle has 50% more power! 

It is designed like a firefighter’s hose nozzle. You can adjust the water flow from a spray to powerful steam with just a twist of your hand. In addition, it is developed using the same pressure control technology as expensive professional models. The nozzle fits on any standard garden hose.

It is very easy to use. First, you attach the device to any garden hose, and then you twist the nozzle to select the desired strength. With Power Blaster Nozzle, you can clean dirty carshousehold sidingdrivewayssecond or third-story windowsremove mildew on brick, mortar, and tile. In addition, you can water your garden, oak trees, and most flowers.

It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It is very useful for people who have arm muscle weariness because of its lightweight. With this ideal device, you can wash your cars and water tall or small trees with ease. It does multitask. That is amazing! Moreover, it can be adjusted from a fine mist to a powerful stream that sprays up to 30 feet.

Get Power Blaster Nozzle to mist the most delicate flowers or plants, and clean your dirty cars without struggle and effort. It saves your time as well as your money. This is perfect!



Note: Due to High Demand Promotional Items May Take Up to 2-3 Weeks For Delivery.
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