Portable Mini Water Bottle Caps Humidifier

$54.95 $22.95

A healthy lifestyle gadget, it is great for your home, office,etc.!

The Portable Mini Water Bottle Caps Humidifier improves air quality and moisture content in the air while combating the harsh effects of dry air, providing you with the ideal moisture balance to help you breathe better and sleep more comfortably. 

In an air-conditioned office, skin tends to become dehydrated and dry. The Mini Water Bottle Humidifier can improve skin dryness and peeling, dry eyes and sour eyes. It can give your facial skin enough moisture, let you work more comfortable.

Very few hotels will be equipped with a humidifier, and the Humidifier will allow you to have a comfortable space in any hotel. It’s very light and compact, easy to carry. Perfect for use in the bedroom, office, car, hotel, tent, or even on flights. Its compact size and wireless design allow you to take it wherever you go.

The Portable Mini Water Bottle Caps Humidifier is connected via USB and can also be used in the car. Only need a bottle of mineral water, a Mini Water Bottle Humidifier, in a dry car, you can also enjoy a comfortable space.




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