360 Degree Pet Washer Tool

$43.99 $22.95

Pet Washer
360 Degree Pet Washer Tool

$43.99 $22.95


Everyone knows that giving your dog a bath is just about the worst thing in the world. Not only is it back-breaking work that makes you crouch down at an awkward angle in front of the tub for 10 minutes, but your dog hates being in the bathtub as well.

The 360 Degree Pet Washer is a hoop-like shower that allows you to clean your dog outside with ease, and without any sort of mess to clean up afterward.

The 360 Degree Pet Washer uses a spray that wraps around your dog’s body and gives off a soft spray of water from every angle and is pretty much like a massage for your dog while they get a bath.

To use it, just fill up the container with any dog shampoo you have, attach the washer to your garden hose, and start giving your dog the shower they’ve always wanted. The water and shampoo mix instantly as the water runs through the washer. 

No longer will be bathing your dog be a chore that you and your dog hate. Now you can just bring them out into the yard, and give them a calming dog bath that they will think is just a nice little massage.




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