Luminosity Anti-gravity Lamp

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Luminosity Anti-gravity Lamp

Let your home reflect the universe!

Luminosity is a new magnetic, zero-gravity lamp that lights up your room and boggles your mind!

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 

Luminosity Anti-gravity Lamp

Imagine walking into a room and seeing an upside-down lightbulb floating majestically in mid-air. You will be awestruck by the magic of the cosmos.

Aesthetically pleasing and relaxing to the eyes, Luminosity will not only boggle your mind but will also bring an elegant, fashionable and modern look to any room you put it in.

Bring an air of beauty and mystery into your home. What dimension are you even in?

Luminosity Anti-gravity Lamp

UNIQUE & INNOVATIVE DESIGN: With Luminosity’s exclusive, upside-down floating lightbulb design, you can be sure that it will be the focal point of your room. Watch heads automatically turn as they witness its elegant beauty and gravity-defying magic!

ENGINEERED TO PERFECTION: Our team of highly qualified engineers went to great lengths to ensure that your levitating lightbulb is able to float non-stop, all year round. Rest assured that what you are paying for is the best, most reliable maglev technology.

Luminosity Anti-gravity Lamp

CREATE A BEAUTIFUL ATMOSPHERE: A beautiful object can totally transform the mood of your room and of your state of mind. Place Luminosity in any room and a sense of balance, spaciousness and overall pleasantness will come with it. Having it by your side as you read, study or meditate is going to be a magical experience!

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION: Anyone who receives Luminosity as a gift will fall in love with it – and with you! A lamp is always nice gift – but one that defies gravity? It’s the perfect gift no matter the occasion. Just watch their eyes and see how they light up!



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