Lazy Shoe Lace

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Lazy Shoe Lace
Lazy Shoe Lace

You’ll never have to worry about loose laces on a run again!

Give your shoes or trainers a funky makeover with these brightly-colored Lazy Shoe Lace!

Lazy Shoe Lace unique high-performance elastomer stretches to conform to your feet, and with a number of different lacing techniques, you can make Lazy Shoe Lace fit just right for you.

Lazy Shoe Lace

Great fun for all ages, the laces are made from soft and flexible silicone. They just slip through your shoes’ eyelets and clip them into place. Because they are stretchy, it means you don’t have to undo them to put your shoes on or take them off, turning all your favorites into an easy-wear slip-on.


  • One size fits all
  • Multiple color choices to fit your style
  • Works with any size shoe
  • Adjustable for varying levels of tightness
  • Water-resistant quality, stay strong in any weather

Lazy Shoe Lace also offers something for the fashion-conscious, eliminating the clunky-looking knot and bow of traditional laces and streamlining the shoe’s silhouette.

Lazy Shoe Lace

Designed for an active lifestyle, Lazy Shoe Lace is an excellent no-tie shoelace replacement whether you’re running, golfing, playing tennis, or cross-training.

Switching to Lazy Shoe Lace is a breeze. Simply remove your current laces and slide in your Lazy Shoe Lace. They’ll work with just about any shoe you already own.

Lazy Shoe Lace

Whether it’s for style or comfort, you can lace Lazy Shoe Lace to your preference in a variety of ways.

Lazy Shoe Lace

For a classic fit, thread Lazy Shoe Lace straight across. For higher impact sports, you might want to try crisscrossing the laces to make them tighter. And if you have especially wide feet, enjoy the spacious feel of the loose fit. No matter what lacing pattern you choose, you’ll never need to adjust them again once you’ve found your ideal fit.

Lazy Shoe Lace

Lazy Shoe Lace for everyone! The same Lazy Shoe Lace that fit in adult’s shoes also fit children’s shoes too. Now anybody with shoes can slip them on and off.

Lazy Shoe Lace



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