Laser Range Finder

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Bringing on your a game couldn’t be any easier! 

Get accurate measurements for speed and distance for the best sports experience!

The Laser Range Finder provides long range high precision measurement for any kind of sport under any weather circumstance.

The Laser Range Finder allows you to step up your game and get the best experience out there on the field. It has a long range sweep of 656 yards or 600 meters for distance and 300km/h for speed. 

And it has four modes you can use under different scenarios. This laser range finder has a distance measuring mode, speed mode, pin-seeker mode, and a special fog mode.

To change modes, simply give a short press on the “M” button. You can also change units from meter to yard or km/h to m/s by giving the “M” button a long press. The results are continuously displayed through the lens in clear and easy to read the text.

The Laser Range Finder is the perfect companion to sports like golf, racing, soccer and other sports focusing on distance or speed. It’s also perfect for hunting, tracking wildlife, or other outdoor activities of the same nature. 

Let the sports enthusiast rejoice in you with the Laser Range Finder giving you all the accurate game measurements you need.


Note: Due to High Demand Promotional Items May Take Up to 2-3 Weeks For Delivery.
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