Eyeshadow Applicator Silicon Stamp

$28.20 $12.95

Perfect for makeup beginners and creative makeup artist use!

Like a unique blackfish, it is designed specifically for makeup beginners or who think it is a trouble to draw eyeshadow. It is too easy to use, just use your makeup brush, apply your favorite eyeshadow cream/powder on the stamp, and draw a beautiful eyeshadow in seconds! It can also be used to transfer concealer to the eyes. 

With all the aforementioned perks, it is easy to understand why the stamp is always flying off the shelves. The stamp has already revolutionized makeup, thanks to the perfect cut crease technique it is known for Jack Nogueira, the brains behind the technique, came of up with the stamp crease and so far so good, no one has anything negative to say about the product.

It has made putting on eyeshadow quick, simple and convenient. Having this magic eyeshadow stamp crease in your bag and putting on eyeshadow becomes as easy as blinking your eye. Keep in mind that the product is value priced so you can be sure that with the product, value for your money is guaranteed.


Note: Due to High Demand Promotional Items May Take Up to 2-3 Weeks For Delivery.
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