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Remember the movie ‘Back to the Future’ and how it promised us that we would have hover-boards by now?

Well, that didn’t quite come true. However, with the One Wheel off-road electric skateboard, we have managed to come quite close.

Imagine zipping through a city on this device and you will quickly draw lots of attention. Basically, the One Wheel is an electric skateboard on which you balance on a single rubber wheel.

To use it, you have to place your non-dominant foot at the back of the board, after which you put your dominant foot on the front of the board, on the pressure-sensing pads.

 This engages the motor. Lean forward, and you will be off. At that point, the motor’s torque kicks in, and you should be balanced. To go faster, you lean forward and to slow down, you lean backward.

However, take note that if you lean back when standing still, you will start to reverse. That is something you need to avoid doing yet until you are really experienced!




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