Cotton Mouth Mask

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Cotton Mouth Mask
Cotton Mouth Mask

Since the beginning of 2020, Coronavirus seems to spread all around the world. While dealing with Covid-19, another “trend” came: Hantavirus. In those hard times, you need to protect yourself, and people around you. One of the ways is wearing a cotton mouth mask.

Why do You need To Use Protection Mask?

Coronavirus protection masks are not only used to protect and save yourself, but also prevent gems spreading to others. Even if you do not have any symptoms of Covid-19, you may carry the gems and spread to others. Thus, it is best to use antivirus masks.


Here are the features of the Cotton Mouth Mask:

Face mouth mask is made of cotton, won’t make you feel stuffy!

Streamlined edge fully covers your chin and throat part to keep you away from dust and bacteria.

Elastic strap and adjustable buckle allow you to adjust the tightness according to your face, making it suitable for most people.


Plastic nose piece, effectively increases the breathing space of the nose, so that breathing more comfortable and smooth; adjustable nose piece according to each person different nose shape to get fit with the face so that the sealing effect is better.

Cotton Mouth Mask

The adjustable size of the elastic buckle, so that more comfortable to wear comfortable. The next along with the intimate U-shaped design, increase the mouth and jaw comfort and sealing, does not affect the language of communication.

Cotton Mouth Mask

1, the plug-in filter can not be cleaned, the proposed replacement of a week
2, the filter oil on the film or with sticky sediment stains are more, please replace the filter
3, the air does not flow, poor breathing or sleep, the prohibition of the use
4, children under the age of two prohibited the use of

Cotton Mouth Mask



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