Cat Nail Caps (20 pcs)

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Cat Nail Caps (20 pcs)
Cat Nail Caps (20 pcs)

Say HELLO to Soft Kitty! Say GOODBYE to Shredded Furniture! 

Imagine the profound pleasure of kitty snuggles without scratches

Your pet’s temperament may be extremely sweet and loving, but their pointy-ended paws can still hurt if they catch your skin. Accidental scratches from your cat’s claws can occur during playtime, while they knead you for comfort, or when they’re scared or upset.

Cat Nail Caps

Cat nail caps will help restore your relationship with your cat to one that is effortless and pain-free by protecting you from your pet’s super sharp kitten-mittens.

Cat Nail Caps

Your skin isn’t the only thing that will thank you, either—your curtains, floors, and furniture will also breathe a collective sigh of relief! Transform your home from a tattered scratching post into a beautiful sanctuary of relaxation and happiness.

Breathe easy knowing that your drapes are secure and that your house will be pristine and tidy the next time you have guests over. Now you don’t have to worry about tuning your radar ears for shredding sounds from behind the couch!

Cat Nail Caps

  • Vinyl caps cover nails and protect against destructive scratching
  • Doesn’t interfere with the normal extension and retraction of claws
  • Set includes 20 pieces (one for each nail)
  • Easy application with a safe and non-toxic glue (included)
  • Each application lasts four to six weeks


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