In-Car Essential Oil Diffuser


Now you can enjoy all your favourite essential oils while you drive!  

This amazing car diffuser lets you enjoy all of the benefits of your oils while you drive.

The air in your car always not healthy. Try this car essential oil diffuser humidifier! Non-heat ultrasonic technology can produce super weeny water drop and oxygen anion. 
Our air humidifier is energy-saving and highly-effective. It allows you to carry it conveniently. 
Weeny water drop will take away dust and bacteria, essential oil and anion will make the air fresh and sweet. Get away from car peculiar smell forever. Much helpful for baby and elder.
Altogether, with our product, your skin will feel extremely comfortable even when you have stayed in the car for a long time. In addition, its pleasing aroma will keep you all-day in good mood!
The plug of this diffuser is car plug, but we build in 2-USB charger ports, so it will not take up your car socket and also help you expand 2-USB charger ports so that you could charge your cellphone and iPad together. 

Note: Due to High Demand Promotional Items May Take Up to 2-3 Weeks For Delivery.
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