26 Holes Makeup Brush Tree

$29.95 $19.95

Great to help organize your brushes and keep them readily available to use when you need them!

This 26 Holes Makeup Brush Tree can also be used to dry our brushes after you clean them!

  • 26 Holes Makeup Brush Tree helps protect the shape of your brushes’ bristles after washing.
  • Eliminates clutter and helps organize brushes while drying.
  • High quality perforated silicone rubber grabs the handles well.
  • Gentle bristles.
  • Sturdy acrylic material make it stands securely.
  • 26 holes can hold 6 large, 4 medium, and 16 small brushes.
  • Being collapsible, the brush tower is easy to store when not in use.


Note: Due to High Demand Promotional Items May Take Up to 2-3 Weeks For Delivery.
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