Anti-Sleep Alarm

$27.95 $9.95

Keep awake while driving or studying!

Everyone has experienced drowsiness while driving. Some of us have actually fallen asleep only to be awakened by the blaring horn of an oncoming car.

Avoid this potential tragedy by wearing the Anti-Sleep Alarm on your ear. If your head should nod, an alarm will go off, waking you and any sleeping passengers in the vehicle.

The Anti-Sleep Alarm is not only designed for drivers, but it is also perfect for people who need to be fully alert while on duty, for example, security guards, machine operators and even students while studying or where concentration is required.

  • Beeps when your head tilts forward
  • Wear behind the ear
  • Drivers, night watchmen, students etc.

Note: Due to High Demand Promotional Items May Take Up to 2-3 Weeks For Delivery.
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