Anti-Gravity Paint Tray

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Anti-Gravity Paint Tray

$59.95 $28.95

Cut Your Painting Time In Half With The Innovative Anti-Gravity Paint Tray!

Ever had to deal with annoying paint spills? Well, with our ingenious, Anti-Gravity Paint Tray, now you can enjoy zero spills while painting!

The Anti-Gravity Paint Tray allows you to hold up to 12 oz of fresh paint without it going anywhere but your paint brush. You can even hold the tray at an angle, drop it from a ladder, or filing it across the room and no paint will spill out.

Need more than one colour? No problem, as the magical paint tray can hold up to 6 different colours without any of the colours bleeding into one another. 

Not only will the Anti-Gravity Paint Tray save you money from not wasting paint, but it will also save you loads of time on the actual painting, from not having to refill a paint-bucket every 5 strokes, as well as the clean-up process from not having to clean up the damage you’ve done from spilling and dripping a bunch of paint on the floor.

The non-slip tray features an adjustable hand strap that fits any hand, ensuring no spills, no matter what angle it’s held. 

Improve your overall painting experience by using this Anti-Gravity Paint Tray!

  • Cut paint time in half: Pallet tray holds up to 12oz of paint to quickly load a brush or roller. 
  • Saves your money: Dramatically reduces paint wastage, the professional liner is reusable for months. 
  • Easy to use: Quickly switch between paint mixing trays, with adjustable strap making it height-safe. 




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