Adjustable Screen Shelf

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Little things are great!  Organize and collect small items on your desk, to make a comfortable working environment.

Do you want some extra storage on your computer or TV? The Adjustable Screen Shelf is perfect for you! It’s designed to hold your small trinkets and knickknacks and keep them always within reach.

Because screens have gotten thinner, there isn’t any extra space to hold your remote, picture frames, or your favourite toy. The screen shelf gives you that space—attach it to your computer screen or TV screen and you’re set!

This simple design makes it sturdy and easy to use—don’t worry about your things falling over! It has rubber dots on the surface, ensuring your things don’t slide off. The adjustable legs make it work with any monitor up to four inches wide.

With this gadget, you can keep your personal articles with you while working—it keeps your favourite things right in your line of sight at all times! Plus, it comes in several colors to match your decor and personality.

If you need more space around your screens, get your hands on this shelf!




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