ABS Muscle Stimulator

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$119.95 $29.95

Ab Stimulator
ABS Muscle Stimulator

$119.95 $29.95

Reach your end game, this is your year!

We all know how hard it is to take the time and discipline to go to the gym, right?

We all have one goal in common which is burn stomach fat and define our core muscles.

Well, now we have a solution!

The Smart Muscle Stimulator is the most popular, secure and effective 6 PACK solution on the market that effortlessly strips away your abdominal fat to finally show of your TONED ABS.

The Smart Muscle Stimulators adopts the most advanced EMS technology, which is currently being used in massage, acupuncture, tapping, and more by the leading experts.

EFFORTLESSPAIN-FREE, and EFFECTIVE in getting your abs formed to that ideal beach bod, before summer even starts.

Science has PROVEN that the hardest muscles to build are the abdominal muscles. This is due to the fact that isolation efficiency is needed to form a TIGHT core.


1. Use your nail or a coin to turn the battery cover.

2. Insert 3 AAA batteries, make sure they’re facing the right way.

3. Connect the main device to the gel pad.

4. Attach it to your abs, arms, waist, or legs.



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