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home decor accessories

TOP 10 Trend Cool Home Accessories and Decorations in 2018

We want our surroundings comfortable, beautiful, appealing, and etc. in our house. There are some home decor accessories that ease your works, make your rooms attractive, and creates a peaceful and charming atmosphere. With these accessories, you create a peaceful environment in your house and make it more beautiful. Check out the list consist of cool home accessories […]

unique gifts

TOP 10 Unique Gifts to Give in Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays in 2018

Have you ever spent many hours, even days on what gift to buy for your loved one including family members, best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, and got stuck? Mexten has thought of this issue and created a list of gifts to give to your loved ones without thinking twice. Here are top 10 gifts to […]

phone accessories

TOP 10 Trend Phone Cases and Accessorizes To Have in 2018

Almost all us have bought at least one phone case for our smartphones. Beside its main protection purpose, we want them stylish, waterproof, easily handle and etc. for comfort and ease. Thanks to innovative products, we can have phone cases that meet most of our expectation. Mexten had made a list of Portable Phone Accessorizes before, […]

kitchen gadgets

Top 10 Necessary Kitchen Gadgets To Make Cooking Easier and Fun

Preparing food every day makes almost all of us exhausted, as a result we jump into having unhealthy fast food. As Mexten, we had made a list of trend Cool Kitchen Gadgets before; now, we are offering another top ten kitchen tools to help to save your time, stick to your healthy diet, and make your cooking easier […]

home use equipments

Top 10 Must Have Equipment and Gadgets For Everyday Home Use

To do the same work and activities every day can be tiring, boring, and exhausting. However, there are innovative tools, gadgets, and equipments that make your activities a lot easier and even fun. Mexten has made that list of those equipments and gadgets that will make your every day house works easier with much less effort.   […]

fashionable nails

Top 10 Products to Have Healthy and Fashionable Nails

By simply looking at one’s hands, especially to their nails, we can tell a lot about them; whether they are fashion nerds, hygienic, or not. No matter what kind or type of nails you want to have, there are some basics that everyone should follow in order to seem neat and clean. In addition, these […]

artistic gifts

Top 10 Ideal Gifts to Give to Artistic People in 2018

People dealing with art including decorating, embroidering, drawing, painting, sketching, lettering and etc. are considered difficult to understand, hard to please but great persons! No matter if it is a special day or not, you can always make your creative and artistic friends happy by surprising them with inexpensive but amazing gifts listed below.   […]


Top 10 Necessary Accessories & Gadgets To Make Lives Easier

Due to our human nature, even a little inconvenience causes us to be stressed or uncomfortable. Along this, even if nothing specially happens, again we want to make our lives easies and more comfortable. As Mexten, we have thought of those problems and enlisted our top ten products which each one of us need in […]

party products

Top 10 Necessary And Cool Products For Home Party Owners

Party Products of Mexten are best for all kind of occasions! Organizing a home party is exciting, joyful, and at the same time stressful because you want to hold a party in a way that it is perfect, and your guests would never forget it and even talk about it for some time. To make it […]

Top 10 Super Cool Pet Accessories In 2018

According to researches, animals also have feelings as we-people do: time to time they can be moody, happy or sad. As pet owners call themselves parents of their cats or dogs, or best friend, their responsibility is to protect their “children” and make them happy.We have enlisted super stylish and necessary pet accessories that will […]